Hospitality Staffing North East UK - Entertain-In

Training - the foundation of our success

Entertain-In’s policy is to provide training opportunities to all its staff. We feel that the importance of training in skills, methods of service and customer service cannot be overemphasized, as it produces countless long term benefits to both our employees and the company. Exceptionally well trained staff coupled with our ethos of delivering unrivalled standards is the foundation of our success.

Compliance Training

At any given time we aim to have 95% of our staff fully trained at Level 2 in Health and Safety and Food Safety. This is carried out on-line through our association with Flow Training. On a voluntary basis many of our staff also choose to undertake customer service training. Our managers and supervisors also undertake First Aid awareness training.


Our greatest asset is our staff. We hire personnel who above all are keen to learn and have the correct attitude rather than the necessary experience or skills. We take pride in teaching all our staff the skills that they require to deliver the very best Front of House service. All our staff attend a formal induction to our business including its history and the ethos under which we operate. They are then trained in basic service techniques and customer service skills within a classroom situation to ensure that they are equipped with the fundamental practises for them to carry out an efficient Front of House service with style and finesse.

We believe that the high level of skills that are required from our staff can only be learnt in a practical situation. We therefore carry out intense on-the-job training for our staff at our events. By watching and being given learning exercises and practical demonstrations, together with continuous corrective measures we are able to monitor every individual’s skill level ensuring they meet our standards. It is therefore not unusual to see this taking place discreetly at our events. We have very specific standards and code which all our staff adhere to. The young people we employ are the future of the service industry and we believe it is worth investing time in training them to the highest of standards for the benefit of our clients, their customers and guests and out staff themselves.